Must read! These are vacation tips to Surabaya for you the beginner

Vacation Tips to Surabaya – Before leaving for vacation, of course, there are many things that must be prepared. Especially if you visit a big city like Surabaya, you definitely don’t want to miss the agenda and exciting activities in this city.

Perhaps, some of you are new to the City of Heroes for the first time? It’s better to find out all the things about this city first!

No less than other tourist destinations in Indonesia, Surabaya can be an exciting and fun tourist destination. What do you have to prepare?

Prepare This Before Departing Safe Vacation

Before leaving, there are some things that you shouldn’t forget to prepare, t-mates! Starting from preparing a budget, arranging an itinerary, ordering comfortable lodging, to choosing the mode of transportation that will be used.

Don’t worry, check out these interesting tips for those of you who are on vacation to Surabaya for the first time, t-mates!

1. Healthy and Excellent Condition

Before you decide to take a vacation, of course, the first thing to consider is your health condition, you know! Later when on vacation, you will be packed with various activities traveling to various places.

So, don’t let your fun vacation plans be disrupted due to an unhealthy body condition. Well, you can really do a healthy lifestyle from now on.

Such as eating on time, adequate nutrition, and taking vitamins to strengthen the immune system during the holidays. Drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated and don’t overdo it with regular exercise.

2. Choose the Right Mode of Transportation

Well, you still have to pay attention to the second tip, t-mates. Choosing the right transportation mode while on vacation will also make it easier for your mobility while exploring in Surabaya.

Private vehicles can be the right choice. In addition to facilitating transportation during the holidays, you will also feel more secure while in Surabaya.

If that’s not possible, you can still choose a mode of public transportation that has been equipped with adequate health protocols, of course. How? Have you thought about what transportation to take?

3. Selectively Choose Tourist Places

Holidays at times like this really need to think about whether the destination or tourist spot we choose is safe enough. But don’t worry, you don’t have to worry anymore! Everything is gonna be fine, if you keep reading this article from

So that you can still vacation without worry and enjoy all kinds of tourist attractions that have become your dream, you have to pay attention to a few things.

Complete health protocol facilities will be a major consideration. Choosing a place with an open space and having sufficient air circulation will certainly make you feel more secure.

And last but not least, avoid tourist spots that are too crowded and crowded with other tourists, t-mates! You can outsmart this by taking a vacation on a weekday, or in other words avoiding the holiday season.

4. Find Strategic and Safe Lodging

You should prioritize accommodation that is strategic and safe, you know! After a day of walking around the city of Surabaya, don’t forget to take a break, t-mates. Save your energy, so you can resume your vacation activities the next day.

In Surabaya, there are also many inns that have strategic locations in the middle of the city. You can also choose lodging near Kenjeran Beach or Suramadu Bridge. So you don’t have to worry about the distance between your tourist attractions and your inn. Easier, right?

Eits, in addition to the right location, you also need safe and comfortable lodging. Of course, lodging with super duper beautiful and versatile facilities will increase the level of your holiday happiness too.

5. Culinary Tour Don’t Forget

Don’t claim to be on vacation to Surabaya, if you don’t take the time to try various culinary specialties of this City of Heroes. Hayoo, still dare to miss this golden opportunity?

If you ask about what culinary delights are in this city, the answer will be very diverse. Because there are so many things you should try. Ha ha ha. This legendary culinary, for example, is already legendary, Pak Fat’s Lontong racing.

The combination of lontong, lentho, sprouts doused with savory sauce is even more perfect for your stomach, t-mates. In addition to Pak Fat’s Lontong racing, there are many more delicious culinary delights that will arouse your appetite while on vacation.

There is cingur salad, sate klopo which is made from beef and then added with coconut before being burned, rawon devil, and of course the sinjay duck which is famous throughout Surabaya and Madura.

Oh yes, of course, you need to always remember that you have to wash your hands before eating. Also make sure about the cleanliness of the culinary places you visit. Okay?

6. Items to Bring

Here we are at the end of the tips from for our dear friends. Well, this is the last tip about what items are important for you to bring while on vacation in the midst of a pandemic like this?

First, masks in excess. Indeed, at this time we all cannot be separated from the use of masks wherever we are. So, add more masks to your list of mandatory luggage while on vacation!

Next, you must also put hand sanitizer and disinfectant in your bag, t-mates. Considering that viruses can stick to all surfaces of objects that you may accidentally touch.

Important items such as cameras, wallets, and some outfits that you have matched with tourist attractions must also be selected so that not too many items turn out to be unused.

Complete doesn’t always have to be a lot, you know! So just list everything to make it easier for you to choose which items to bring.

Fun Vacation, Preparation Is Not Difficult
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