The New Netflix Movie and Upcoming on 2022

Netflix is a platform for watching movies which has so many users. The reason of that because Netflix have so many good and enjoyable movies. This make every Netflix’s users very excited about what’s new on Netflix also the upcoming of Netflix Movie which standing on 2022. There are so many genre of the movies which you can enjoy and fit as your wanted.

The Recommendation of New Netflix Movie and Upcoming on 2022

As the statement above, there are so many new Netflix movie showed at this moment also the upcoming movie on 2022 that you should watch. The following statement is recommendation of new Netflix movie and upcoming on 2022 that will be enjoyable:

Red Notice

Red notice is the first recommendation movie that you can enjoy at this moment. Because this movie already showed and having so many fans of it. This movie told a story about the thief who helped a part of police for capturing the greatest mafia on this world. The actors of this movie are populars such as The Rock, Ryan Renolds, and Gal Gadot.


The next movie that you can enjoy at this moment is Hellbound. This showed based on Korean Series but really thriller like horror movie. The story of the movie is propechy of someone death will come whatever it takes. You can enjoy this show on Netflix especially when you are fan of Korean show.

Bridgerton 2

The upcoming movie on 2022 is Bridgerton 2. As we know that Bridgerton was a drama of Daphne Bridgerton who married with a royal man and another gossip which spreaded out. You will enjoy another drama of Bridgerton family that known focus on the brother of Daphne Bridgerton.

The recommendation of New and Upcoming Netflix movie above can make your holiday or free time more priceful because those movie are enjoyable. So, whats you really excited for movie that can watch at this moment or upcoming next year?^^