The Best Time to Visit Bali

Bali is one of magical place in the world that make many people want to go there. It is a destination that have so much to offer like the jungle in Ubud and beautiful beaches. One of the right ways to set yourselft become success in vacation is come at the best time. In this article Bali Villas Management will give you some references about the best time to visit Bali.

1. High season in Bali

Balis high season runs on April until August. A lot of tourism begins to climb usually in April. Hotel prices peaking in June September. However, many tourism see a boos in November December. It means that even though come rainy season, hotel prices still highher around holidays.

2. Rainy seasons in Bali

Rainy season in Bali runs on March and November with precipitation is peaking in January. When the rain can brings mosquitos and also may take some activities like surfing and diving off the table, it is not deal-breaker if people in Bali to do yoga, tour temples and find the pure relaxation.

3. Best month to hiking in Bali

If you have planning spend days hiking, is deal visiting Bali around April and October. The rainy season usually unpredictable for hikes activity, especially if you want to try cram in serious mileage if you are travelling in Bali to hike. Much like those visit the beaches you will want to come there in the dry season.

4. Best time to hike around Mount Batur

Mount Batur Bali is perhaps the most beautiful and iconic place to hike. The hour hike to the summit may be the best between September and May to ensure clear views and dry weather.

Thats all some references about the best time to visit Bali for you who will go to Bali next holiday. You can take Bali Villas R Us in as the best bali villas management to accompany your journey in Bali.